6 Things Great Marketers Do Daily

6 Things Great Marketers Do Daily

If you want to be a great marketer, you need to set a daily routine. More importantly, you need to stick to it.

Considering the countless challenges marketers face every day, you simply just can’t coast along. Because guess what? Your brand or company isn’t going to market itself.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. If you adopt the right strategies in your marketing campaigns, then yes, your brand or company is going to market itself… at least up to a point.

That doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Allow yourself to be lazy and chances are your business is going to stagnate.

And we won’t allow that to happen, would we?

So without further ado, here are 6 things you can do daily to become the great marketer you want to be.

1. Set Goals

Do you want to be successful in your marketing endeavours? Before that can happen, you need to set clear and specific goals in each of your campaigns.

For one thing, goals allow you to keep your eyes on the prize. When you have a specific goal in mind, you’ll find that it’s easier to maintain focused on your daily tasks.

So set a time each day (preferably in the morning) to set short-term and long-term goals.

Will you be focusing on lead generation today? How about driving more conversions? What’s the amount of revenue you’re targeting for this month? For the entire year?

If you’re having trouble coming up with goals that will steer your marketing efforts in the right direction, you can always use the SMART goals approach. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.

smart goals graphic

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2. Size up the competition

If you want to be competitive in your industry, you have to know where you stand amongst the competition. And you can’t just sit idly by and allow them to get the better of you. To truly become a great marketer, you need to learn how to do it Sun Tzu style.

So size up the competition. Learn their secrets and use them to your advantage. Do some competitive analysis while you’re at it. There’s no shame in it as long as you remain ethical and law-abiding in your approach. Besides, every great marketer is doing it, so why can’t you?

In doing competitive analysis, the first order of business is to identify the top 10 competitors in your industry or niche.

How to do this? Easy. Simply “Google” the type of products and services you are offering and list down the companies who are directly competing against yours. You can also use keyword analysis tools such as SEMRush to determine the keywords your competitors are targeting.

Here are the steps you can do to size up your competition and differentiate your brand from your competitors:

  • Do keyword analysis (as mentioned).
  • Analyse your competitors’ content (blog posts, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, webinars, etc.)
  • Make better content.
  • Track and analyse their social media engagement strategies, learn from what they’re doing, and identify ways to do them better.

Doing competitive analysis can be difficult and unwieldy. Thankfully, you can automate the process by using competitor analysis tools available out there.

3. Create Epic Content

If you want your brand to succeed and generate a ton of profit, you need to create content on a regular basis. And by content, we mean blog posts, eBooks, memes, infographics, webinars, slide decks, videos, and more.

Not convinced? Then take some time to chew on the following statistics:

content marketing data

(Image Source:

Don’t put out content just for the sake of it. If you want your content marketing to yield profitable and sustainable results, you have to create EPIC content.

And how exactly can a marketer pull that off? For starters, the content has to be engaging, inspiring, and, most of all, useful to your target audience. You also gain extra points if what you’re putting out is unique. Given the fact that there’s so much content out there, being unique can go a long way in differentiating your brand from the competition.

Here’s a breakdown of how content marketing can catapult your brand or business to new heights:

  • Improves your SEO ranking, thus increasing your brand’s visibility on the web.
  • Establishes you as an expert in the subject matter/niche.
  • Increases conversions.
  • Educates prospects and customers
  • Improves brand reputation
  • Builds trust with clients

4. Nurture your customer relationships

Business doesn’t end at the point of purchase or conversion; It’s just the beginning. In fact, taking the time to nurture client relationships can pave the way for more business opportunities. You know why? Because repeat purchases are profitable!

So how can marketers nurture their relationships with their clients?

You can start by taking the necessary steps to know your audience. This way, you’ll be able to understand your target market’s needs, allowing you to come up with ways on how you can help and benefit them.

In addition, continually engaging your clients through multiple marketing channels can also help you address their pain points in every part of the customer journey.

5. Use social listening to your advantage

Let’s face it: You can’t afford to ignore social media these days. Social media, for one, is everywhere. And if you’re putting your product or brand out there, chances are customers or clients will mention it on their Facebook or Twitter accounts — for better or for worse.

By monitoring mentions of your brand in the social media space, you can spot user complaints you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, criticisms offer valuable insights that will help you improve your marketing strategies and your brand.

In addition, keeping track of brand mentions can also provide opportunities for relationship building. By addressing customers’ complaints through social media channels, you can enhance customer experience and build trust with your clients and prospects.

6. Measure & Analyse

As a marketer, you need to get used to numbers. Because whether you like it or not, you’ll have to deal with numbers day in and day out.

Keeping track of marketing data lets you know the lay of the land, so to speak. With relevant data at your disposal, you can benchmark your progress in relation to the goals you set out for your marketing campaign (see Section 1).

In turn, these data can yield you actionable insights that will help you determine the strategies needed to keep your business on the right track.

So keep track of all relevant metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, click through rate, social media engagement, and more. Make sense out of them. Analyse them. Ask yourself what these numbers mean and how you can use them to your advantage.

Final Word

Becoming successful in the marketing game is hard. But if you follow all the habits mentioned in this blog article and strive to do better each day, it will only be a matter of time before you reach your business goals.

When you strive for greatness on a daily basis, chances are great things are coming your way, not just in business but also in your personal life.

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