Wilde & Burly offers professional video and photography services to meet all your needs for a creative video production and still imagery within your marketing and promotional activities – this includes online, social media, digital display and broadcast.
Visual imagery is a powerful medium of getting messages across to your audience in the most memorable and emotional ways. Our videos will entertain, inform and motivate your target audience to become loyal customers. We also offer video seeding services to maximise the potential reach of your product or service to the right demographics.

The Process

When it comes to video production, it’s important we align ourselves very closely with our clients and learn exactly what they need from us in terms of messaging – which is going to help us design a tailor made marketing solution to drive their promotional objectives.
If you’re not careful at the outset, video production costs can escalate, exceeding your budget. The best way to avoid going over your marketing financials to achieve different milestones is meticulous, forward planning. That’s why we make sure we establish a full budget for our clients upfront and guide them through exactly what is and isn’t possible for their money.
In our experience we’d rather keep things simple and make sure we deliver excellent quality and value for money. We like to create well-produced and beautiful videos for our clients – designing content that impacts the heart – etching the brand name deep into the minds of the customers, prompting all the right reactions.

Favourite Projects

During the many years we’ve been producing videos for clients, there are certain projects that really stand out for various reasons.
Working with conceptual artist Malarky on the Converse sneakers campaign was a real treat as we had to run around East London projecting his art as animation across walls and shop fronts. Sure, we had to work nights, but the end result was highly rewarding, and that is what we live for.
The visual content we helped create for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle launch was also memorable as the concept was so strong, but remarkably simple. The fact that a trip in the Nissan Leaf all the way from Brick Lane to Heathrow Airport cost just 70p in electricity generated a lot of interest. It also didn’t hurt winning an IAB Creative Showcase Award for our work.

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